Libraries all over Louisiana, and across the country, are no longer safe for children. At the April Lafayette Library Board of Control meeting (at which this writer was present), a father recounted his shock the day his young child, browsing in the “children’s section” (under his supervision), accidentally viewed a book entitled, It’s Perfectly Normal, and that contains pornographic cartoons. Where does this child go to reclaim his innocence?  

This writer’s research confirms that the book contains lurid descriptions of sex practices any adult would be embarrassed to read out loud. It also extols the virtues of masturbation, accompanied by illustrations. It is labeled suitable for “Age 10 and up.” Seriously?

In Washington state, this book was rejected for a fundraising drive because of its “obscene and sexually explicit material.” It was deemed too graphic for adults, but now it’s appropriate for children? A reasonable person might wonder how this book is even legal since it involves children and pornographic images...directed at children.

The book is also found on the library’s internet site. Federal law states, “transmitting obscenity and child pornography, whether via the Internet or other means, is... “illegal under federal law for both adults and juveniles.” Anyone see a problem?

The “enlightened” Left believes that any objection to this material is based on religion-to them, the hocus pocus of pre-modern times. Wrong. An objection need only be based on prudence, a desire to protect the young from graphic sexual material they can neither process nor understand, and which may even traumatize them. It also serves to “lower [their] normal inhibitions,” part of the predator grooming process. This material should not be in the public library, accessible to children. Parents and grandparents, check your library. Make your voices heard.  


Leslie Alexander

Mom, Former Teacher


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