Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser and the Louisiana State Museum announce the New Orleans Jazz Museum, through a grant from the National Park Foundation, is partnering with the New Orleans Jazz Historical Park to develop a series of virtual field trips that will be distributed to school children nationally. Part of the National Park Foundation’s Open Outdoors for Kids Hybrid Learning Grant Program, the $30,000 grant will be used to create a digital field trip component for the New Orleans Jazz Museum called New Orleans Cultural & Musical Connections: Culturally Responsive Field Trips for 4th – 8th Grade Students in a Digital World. Open Outdoors for Kids creates pathways for kids to enjoy, understand and connect in exciting ways by facilitating outdoor activity, experiential learning, and cultural heritage exercises.

“We want more people to know about the wonderful things happening at the New Orleans Jazz Museum. This important educational program will do that and will help tell the story of our rich culture to our own children and those around the country, showcasing another element of Louisiana that will Feed Your Soul,” said Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser.

“The field trips will be interactive. Educators will have the option of either using self-guided lessons, which will include videos and handouts to use in both in their classrooms and on Google Classroom, or to schedule a time for a guided, interactive Zoom field trip, which has the option of having a live-streamed performance from New Orleans musicians,” said Greg Lambousy, New Orleans Jazz Museum Director.

“We look forward to creating a digital field trip program with our partners at the New Orleans Jazz Historical Park,” said Ashley Shabankareh, Jazz Museum Education Specialist. “This exciting program will feature contextualized information from the Jazz Museum's collections and engagement with musicians and culture bearers from our community. We are looking forward to supporting educators and students with these unique virtual field trips.”

These digital field trips will be available beginning in early spring. Educators and students will be able to access the digital field trips through the New Orleans Jazz Museum website or the New Orleans Jazz Historical Park website. The program will run until June 2022.

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