Henry Turner Jr.

Henry Turner Jr. 

In conjunction with its current traveling exhibit, Cast of Blues and an in-house curated exhibit, Juke Joint Men, West Baton Rouge Museum is pleased to host a film screening of “Music Dreams…An American Story,” a half hour documentary profiling the career of Louisiana musician and entrepreneur Henry Turner, Jr. on Sunday, September 22, 2019 from 3:00 – 5 00 p.m. Following, there will be a discussion with the film’s cast, crew and producer, and brief musical performance by Henry Turner, Jr. and Flavor.

The film includes musical performances by Henry Turner, Jr. and Flavor, interviews with family members, past and present band members, club owners, local musicians and filmmakers, as well as national and regional entertainment executives. Over the past forty years, the Baton Rouge native has developed a syncopated style of music that is referred to as Louisiana blues, soul, funk and reggae. He is also known for mentoring new talent and for his work with various philanthropic organizations and foundations.

The film explores the beginnings of his musical journey with his upbringing in Eden Park, his first success with the Top 40 band, Crystal, Touring with the Bob Marley Festivals, the devastation of the Baton Rouge Flood of 2016 and advice on the music business. His motto… “Do what yo  u do.”

“Music Dreams…An American Story,” is produced by Mustang Films and executive producer, Charles Bush and by Hit City Digital TV’s Henry Turner Jr. Hit City Digital TV is an adjunct of Hit City Digital Records that produces and releases musical and audio/visual recordings of Henry Turner, Jr. and other roots artists signed to the label. 

For more information, please call the museum at 225-336-2422 x 200 or visit facebook.com/TheWBRM or contact Marcia Groff, Entertainment Enterprises, 310-721-1592.

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