Operation Spark, a non-profit tech bootcamp dedicated to changing lives by advancing technology skills for today’s workplace, offers a monthly FREE two-week introduction to computer coding class, with the next class starting December 6. 

“Prep is the first phase of Operation Spark’s 6-month workforce program of intensive learning for a high-wage, high-demand job in tech. It gives students the opportunity to try their hand at software programming without a full-time or financial commitment,” said Founder John Fraboni.  

 The course meets virtually for two consecutive weeks, Monday through Thursday. To register for the Prep Program, interested candidates must participate in a Virtual Information Session prior to enrollment. For times and information or to register, go to https://www.operationspark.org/info-session

““If you lost your job because of COVID, now is a good time to consider a career in tech. Programming is one of the few areas where the job outlook is still strong,” said Fraboni.  “Coding jobs are in everything from data and software engineering to web and video game development. These jobs can provide significant lifetime earnings and are available in every industry in the world.  It doesn’t require a college degree, and starting salaries average $60K.”

For students who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree, Operation Spark partners with the Tulane School of Professional Advancement where their Industry Based Credentials can be turned into college credit hours.

Software technology is Louisiana’s fastest-growing career field, and computer coding skills are now required for the nation’s most in-demand jobs. Operation Spark’s Prep program helps candidates determine if software engineering is a career they may be interested in pursuing. 

Students who pass the Prep Program will receive a Level One Industry-Based Certification (IBC). They can then choose to continue into Operation Spark’s Bootcamp and Immersion programs, where they earn advanced Industry-Based Certifications that may lead to a high-wage career in software development.  Financial aid, tuition assistance, and grants are available for students who wish to continue beyond Prep. 

For graduates of Immersion, Operation Spark is committed to a 100 percent job placement record and is fully engaged throughout the hiring process. 

The minimum tech requirements for participation in the Info Session and Prep program are a laptop, desktop or Chromebook, and a stable internet connection. Operation Spark’s experienced, full-time instructional staff has been teaching coding classes for adults and students across Louisiana since 2014.  

For more information on Operation Spark, go to www.operationspark.org

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