Reports from Baton Rouge indicate that Republican Senators Ronnie Johns and Patrick Connick are refusing to support overriding the Governor’s veto of Constitutional Carry and are instead receiving political kickbacks from Governor John Bel Edwards.

“In a state known for its rampant political corruption, and sweetheart deals, this sadly comes as no surprise. But we’re not going away, and we’re not giving up. Now is the time to double down and publicly humiliate the legislators who’d rather abandon the Second Amendment for cushy jobs and district tax dollars than do the right thing and restore gun rights,” said Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights. 

Media reports indicate that Sen. Johns has been promised a Gaming Commissioner job by Edwards, while Sen. Connick trading his vote to override for infrastructure funding in his district. 

Reports out of Baton Rouge also indicate that a majority of Democrat lawmakers who originally voted in favor of Constitutional Carry during the regular session are also backing out on the vote.

Much to the outrage of grassroots activists across Louisiana, Republican legislative leaders are taking a hands off approach to the veto override session, failing to get their fellow legislators in line to support Constitutional Carry.

These are all troubling indicators of what could happen to Senate Bill 118 next week.

“Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi all have Constitutional Carry as the law of the land, and the overwhelming majority of Louisianans want the same law, but political corruption and wimpy legislators might prolong Louisiana lagging so far behind all their neighbors,” said Brown.

The National Association for Gun Rights urges the Louisiana legislature to meet in veto override session to overturn the governor’s veto and make Constitutional Carry the law in Louisiana immediately.

The National Association for Gun Rights is the nation’s second largest pro-gun organization, with 4.5 million members and supporters nationwide.

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