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Two Port Allen natives started a West Baton Rouge-centric podcast, Nothing But Facts, to give West Side residents a platform to discuss local and national issues.

Shelton Berry, an insurance agent and Air Force veteran, hosts the social justice and community awareness live podcast. With the help of Elliot Dogan, media and community expert, Nothing But Facts curates information and opinions from members of the community. The two also live-stream community meetings on the Nothing But Facts Facebook page.

The live show has featured guests including City Councilman Brandon Brown, director of the Justice for Fatrell Organization Clerice Lacy, Port Allen High School baseball coach and Pelican Foundation founder Brian Bass, and Raheem Pierce, the 18-year-old Plaquemine High School class president running for a seat on the Iberville Parish Council.

The podcast has already expanded to include Iberville parish, and will soon feature guests from north Baton Rouge, Berry said. His goal is to interview every elected official in West Baton Rouge Parish. Anyone is welcome on the show, he said, but he focuses on elevating the voices of pillars within the community such as teachers, ministers, business owners, and elected officials.

“If we change Port Allen then the greater community will change, the world will change,” Berry said.

Live broadcasts are announced each week on the Nothing But Facts Facebook page, where archived podcasts are also available. The first season began in February 2019 and is set to end in June.


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