At its meeting last Wednesday, the West Baton Rouge Parish School Board announced its Students of the Year and its Teachers of the Year.

Each of the parish’s nine schools also selected a student and teacher of the year.

The student honorees were selected by a committee consisting of community members and School Board staff members while the district’s teaches of the year were chosen by previous Teachers of the Year and School Board staff members as well, according to Superintendent Wes Watts.

“The committee interviewed the candidates and voted and additionally, the teachers were observed teaching a class,” he said. “I’m just glad I don’t have to be on the committees that make those decisions.”

“I am very proud to have each student and teacher who was selected to represent West Baton Rouge,” Watts said. “We are very fortunate to have such high quality students and teachers in West Baton Rouge.”

The parishwide Students of the Year for the 2019-20 school year are Aiden Bouvier, a fifth grader at Lukeville Upper Elementary School, John Foster Benoit, a student at Brusly Middle School, and Sophie LeBlanc of Brusly High School.

The Teachers of the Year, assigned to the upcoming school year, 2020-21, are Dereka Duncan, a teacher at Cohn Elementary School, Brusly Middle School’s Emily Dominigue, and Jill Edwards, who teaches at Port Allen High School.

At the elementary school level, the elementary school Students of the Year are Aiden Bouvier at Lukeville Upper Elementary, Tytiana Belton at Caneview K-8, Dwaynia Lowery at Cohn Elementary.

The middle school Students of the Year are John Foster Benoit at Brusly Middle, Mary Schapatone at Caneview K-8, and Madison Guillory was the Student of the Year at Port Allen Middle.

Sophie LeBlanc of Brusly High was named one of the high school Students of the Year at the parishwide level, and Breanna Harding was named the Student of the Year at Port Allen High.

The Teachers of the Year at the elementary school level were Brusly Elementary’s Donita Bolden, Ashley Chenevert at Caneview K-8, Dereka Duncan of Cohn Elementary, who also earned the parishwide honor, Lukeville Upper Elementary’s Aubrie Lasyone and Brandi Peavy at Port Allen Elementary.

At the middle school level,  Melanie Moroni was the Student of the Year at Caneview K-8, and Port Allen Middle School’s Student of the Year was April Scott.

The individual High School’s Students of the Year were Christie Markins at Brusly High and Port Allen High’s Jill Edwards.

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