Adelyn LaBauve

Adelyn LaBauve

Name: Adelyn "Addie" LaBauve

School information

School Name: The Christian Academy of Louisiana

Student information

Adelyn "Addie" LaBauve

Grade: 6th

Gpa If Applicable: 4.0

Parents: Kate and Joe LaBauve

Maternal Grandparents: Doug and Evelyn Stanly

Paternal Grandparents: Gordon "Butch" and Susan LaBauve

Siblings: Aiden

Extracurricular Activities: Cross country and track and field

Hobbies: reading, arts and crafts

Future Plans: I want to get a degree in Biology

Dream Job: A marine biologist and aquarist

Student Favorites

School Subject: Science

Teacher: Mrs. Tullier

Food: sushi

Movie: Oliver and Company

Actor/actress: Tom Holland

Band/singer: Olivia Rodriguez

Song: Traitor

One Thing You Cant Live Without: My ferret, Vata

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