Katrina Rescue

An important lesson from Katrina: how the kindness of strangers instills hope. (From left, front) Tony Clayton, Brandon Fremin and Sam Barbera III (standing) crossed Lake Pontchartrain in a small boat and rescued elderly neighbors of Gambit columnist Clancy DuBos. 

As Americans struggle with the prospect of hunkering down for weeks or even months in response to COVID-19, we in Louisiana already know how to cope. We’ve done this drill before, after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

The rest of the world may think we only know how to party, but the truth is we also know how to handle disasters. Lord knows we’ve had plenty of practice.

I say this not to trivialize the gravity of COVID-19. It’s serious business, and Louisiana ranks among the hardest-hit states on a per-capita basis. I aim instead to offer hope, by reminding us all that we’ve endured far worse in our lifetimes. We stumbled at times, but we came through. We’ll come through again.

To read the full article by Clancy DuBos as featured in Gambit, click here

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