Jon Bell

COVID-19 dominates the conversation once again as Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) brings viewers across the state an annual one-on-one end of year interview with Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards. The interview will be part of LPB’s Louisiana: The State We’re In airing Friday, December 31, 2021 at 7pm. The show also airs in New Orleans on WLAE-TV32 at 7pm and on WYES-TV, at 7:30pm. 

From where the state stands on vaccine mandates and booster shots to dealing with new strains of the virus, Governor Edwards talks to LPB’s André Moreau about battling the COVID-19 pandemic into 2022. While COVID may have dominated the discussion, it was by no means the only topic covered:

• Hurricane Recovery - Governor Edwards details where storm recovery stands and not just from 2021’s Ida, but reaching back to Hurricane Laura from 2020. 

• Infrastructure and Jobs Act – With an anticipated $7.2 billion flowing into the state treasury, Governor Edwards talks about plans for those federal dollars from road and bridge construction to expansion of broadband access. 

• Climate Initiatives Task Force – With a planned billion-dollar expansion of LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) facilities in Cameron Parish, the governor talks development of green energy projects. 

The program will also be available for live streaming at, with the LPB App, and for on-demand viewing at Viewers can also watch the interview when Louisiana: The State We’re In encores on LPB, Sunday, January 2 at 4:30pm. 

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