Authors Olivia McNeely Pass (left) and Catherine Savage Brosman at the Lunchtime Lecture and book signing of "Louisiana Poets: A Literary Guide" at the West Baton Rouge Museum on Wednesday, May 15. 

Louisiana is known for its good food, friendly people and now, its poets. With the help of "Louisiana Poets: A Literary Guide," readers will get a taste of Louisiana's poets. 

Catherine Savage Brosman and Olivia McNeely Pass talked about their new book, "Louisiana Poets: A Literary Guide" during a Lunchtime Lecture hosted by the West Baton Rouge Museum on Wednesday, May 15. 

"Louisiana Poets" showcases 41 poems by Louisiana poets listed in alphabetical order. 

"I'll tell you how the book was conceived, I like to stay busy," Brosman said. 

The guide offers a literary profile, biography and sample of poetry from each poet to help the reader understand the life, views and writings of the writers. It includes poets from north to south Louisiana and everywhere in between.

Brosman is professor emerita at Tulane University is a widely published author of French and American literature. She is the author of eleven volumes of poetry, as well as Southwestern Women Writers and the Vision of Goodness and Louisiana Creole Literature, published by University Press of Mississippi.

Pass is a retired professor of American literature and composition at Nicholls State University and Louisiana native. She served as editor of the Louisiana English Journal and as associate director of the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities. Her work has appeared in Louisiana Review, English Journal, and the Journal of Medical Humanities. 


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