KK Blanchard

KK Blanchard is the newest seamstress to join the Born With Angel Wings ministry. Her sewing experience & desire to volunteer make her a perfect fit. Her story is both interesting and inspiring.

KK said, “I should give credit to my mom, Ruth Gascon, for my passion for sewing. She has been a seamstress her entire life, so I guess it’s only natural that I follow in her footsteps. Mom would see dresses that she liked in newspaper ads, make her own patterns, and sew them for me and my two sisters.

I began sewing as a child with my first sewing machine that I received for Christmas one year. It was a miniature version of a Singer sewing machine with a hand crank on the side. I still have that sewing machine!

Through the years I made a lot of my own clothes, including my own wedding gown. Just like my mom, I saw a wedding gown in a magazine and decided that was it.

One day I approached Ruth Stanley about volunteering some time in a sewing ministry at our church. She told me she would let me know, but she thought that I might be interested in volunteering for this organization that she recently got involved with called Born With Angel Wings. She told me a little bit about their mission and that a workshop was going to be held soon. So I attended my first workshop on February 22, 2020. As I was leaving that day, someone asked me if I wanted to take a donated wedding gown with me. I took one wedding gown and some of the donated trim and lace to get started. I was urged to take whatever I thought was needed. 

I am so glad that I did because not long after that we were in the midst of COVID-19 quarantine. I have made several dresses when I had time. My supply of lace was a little limited so I started digging through my stash of fabric and left over lace to see what could be used.  One of my favorite angel gowns is one made from fabric I used for my grand-daughter’s first communion dress.  The lace that I used was left over from my own wedding dress that is 46 years old.  This particular dress has a very vintage look due to the age of the lace. I always wondered why I kept those few little scraps. Now I know!

I am truly honored to be a WBR seamstress for Born With Angel Wings, along with all of the talented volunteers on the Westside. I’m looking forward to the next work-shop. Although Born With Angel Wings was unable to hold workshops for several months due to COVID-19, many volunteers continued to work at home. COVID-19 did not hinder the mission in delivering the angel boxes either. We understand that the parents are very appreciative of the garments included to dress their little ones for Heaven.”

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Colleen Bourg Bourg

KK you always could sew perfectly. We all sewed our clothes. But, you were so good. BTW, you look great! Tell Bennie I said hello.

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