Christmas crusade

Shown here, left to right, are Deputy Woods, Deputy Jamie Waters, Captain Kibby and Major Doucet (the two children are Deputy Waters’ daughters who help out every year). 

This Christmas, the West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office assisted 55 families with a total of 142 kids, which makes almost 40 more children assisted this year. Compared to 43 families and 104 kids last year.

On Dec. 4, WBR Sheriff Deputies and volunteers stood outside of Walmart, hoping to make a child’s dream come true this Christmas. For the program, last year was a big success, but this year was even bigger. The organization collected over $2,000 that day. With all the donations from the community, the sheriff’s office was able to serve more kids than ever before. 

Deputies even raised nearly $800, on their “Grow a Beard, Save a Child’s Christmas” campaign. 

With everyone experiencing hardships this year, the program has been blessed to be able to assist so many more families than last year. This program was designed to not only bond law enforcement with the community but to bring joy back in the local area through Christmas cheer.  

Overall, the goal is to help families in West Baton Rouge who need assistance to make their child/children’s Christmas complete. The Christmas Crusade for Children of WBR has been around for more than 26 years and will continue to improve as the years pass by. 

Deputy Jamie Waters, volunteers every year with his wife and two girls. Last Christmas, he stated, “Many children would not even experience Christmas if it weren’t for this Christmas Crusade Program. It means a lot to a kid to have something to believe in.” What a year 2020- 2021 has been for most people financially. Detective Christian Conaway explains, “Nothing ends this year better, than to know we reached out to help over 140 children have presents underneath their tree.”

The program is a three-week process of reviewing applications submitted, collecting donations at Walmart, purchasing additional gifts, and lastly sorting and organizing to distribute all gifts to the families on December 15th.

Sheriff Mike Cazes, the West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office, and the Christmas Crusade Program would like to say a special thank you to everyone who donated and was able to make this Christmas, another Christmas to remember in West Baton Rouge Parish.

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