Landry Battley Jr.

A delivery truck that was being operated by a nationwide pharmaceutical company was carjacked on September 23 on Hwy 190 West in Port Allen. A variety of pharmaceutical drugs were stolen that valued over $300,000.00. 

The delivery driver was traveling on Hwy 190 W when a motorcyclist flagged him over to the shoulder. The motorcyclist was accompanied by a gray sports car that was occupied by two perpetrators. Once the driver of the delivery truck was stopped, he was held at gun point while one of the perpetrators took the delivery truck. 

The delivery driver was not injured during the incident. However, the sports car, motorcyclist and the delivery driver all left the scene. 

The delivery truck was quickly located in an abandoned field in West Baton Rouge Parish and removed by Louisiana State Police Air Support. 

The delivery truck was rummaged through and numerous pharmaceutical narcotics had been stolen. 

Quick action was taken from the investigative leads by West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office and Point Coupee Sheriff’s Office that led to the arrest on Sept. 23 of Landry Battley Jr. 24 years old of New Roads.

 Also, the second arrest of 29-year-old Darrell Harris Jr., who is also from New Roads

A third suspect identity is unknown and still at large. 

Anyone with information as to the identity and location of the unknown third suspect is urged to contact West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office at (225) 382-5200. 


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