Detention Center

Arrest Report

Week of September 27, 2019 – October 3, 2019


Robert Gilbert, 40, 3758 Khans Rd, Port Allen, LA, domestic abuse battery


Sheila Dunn, 33, 937 Franklin St, Port Allen, LA, cruelty to juvenile, child desertion

Lashandria Williams, 21, 4858 Clover St, Houston, TX, bench warrant

Chelsea Granger, 31, 3758 Kahns Rd, Port Allen, LA, domestic abuse battery, bench warrant

Lasheika Cato, 36, 4852 Manda Rd, Torbert, LA, felony theft, insurance fraud

Michael Brumfield, 39, 103 Freedom Circle, Independence, LA, illegal possession of stolen things

Michael Blanton, 51, 13137 Gentry Dr, Baton Rouge, LA, bench warrant

Edward Morgan Jr, 30, 2217 Dibenedetto Lane, Port Allen, LA, violation of protective order

Tanricka Youngblood, 38, 1103 Oregon St, Port Allen, LA, bench warrant 

Jerry Barrilleaux, 33, 25682 Standard Dedeaux Rd, Kiln, MS, felony theft

Julian Coleman, 35, 5810 Glen Oaks Dr, Baton Rouge, LA, parole violation 

Yennier Collado-Rojas, 25, 8100 Sands Point Dr #2207, Houston, TX, monetary instrument abuse, identity theft

Liosbel Martin-Collado, 40, 8100 Sands Point Dr # 3605, Houston, TX, monetary instrument abuse, identity theft

Cody Couple, 33, 1474 Highway 401, Napoleonville, LA, violation of protective orders

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