Barney "Frog" Altazan

Assessor Barney M. “Frog” Altazan

Serving West Baton Rouge Parish as Assessor for the past 19 years has been an honor and privilege. I take great pride in having been a public servant for 25 years in the Assessor’s Office, but it’s time to begin a new chapter in my life. I will not be seeking re-election this fall and will retire at the end of my current term on December 31, 2020.

I am truly thankful to the people of West Baton Rouge Parish, my staff, family, and friends for having the confidence in me to serve as your Assessor. I am especially grateful for the support of Connie, my wife of 40 years and the love of my life. She has provided unwavering love and dedication to me and our family. I am looking forward to spending more time with her, along with traveling, fishing, playing golf, and enjoying more time with our children and granddaughters.

I want to thank my staff for their dedication, hard work, and especially for always serving the public in an effective and efficient manner. I will certainly miss Chief Deputy Chris Guerin, Deputy Lisa Tate, Deputy Megan Fair, Deputies Barry Brewer, Jim Altazan, retired Deputy melvin Wyble and retired Chief Deputy Naomi Fair. West Baton Rouge residents who have had any experiences with the Assessor’s Office know that I leave the Assessor’s Office in very capable and experienced hands with this staff. Chief Deputy Chris Guerin is extremely capable and jas my full support for the future of the Assessor’s Office.

I would also like to acknowledge former Assessors who taught and guided me - the late N.F. “Nim” Pecquet Jr. and the late Basil P. Scalise. Am very thankful for the education, experience, knowledge, and dedicated commitment they provided in the years I served with these wonderful Assessors and co-workers. I was truly blessed to learn all aspects of the Assessor’s Office under their tutelage. It certainly helped me to serve the citizens and parish leaders of West Baton Rouge when I became Assessor. I want to thank all the officials of West Baton Rouge for their cooperation through the years, as we have worked together for the good of West Baton Rouge and its residents.

God bless all and God bless the Parish of West Baton Rouge.

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