The West Baton Rouge District Attorney's office argued to have the bond increased for the former Addis police involved in the New Year's Eve crash that killed Brusly teens Caroline Gill and Maggie Dunn.

18th JDC Judge Tonya Lurry denied Assistant District Attorney Lonny Guidroz's plea Thursday morning during the bond hearing.

David Cauthron was speeding during a pursuit of Tyquel Zanders, who had allegedly broken into his parents' home and stolen their car. Cauthron was traveling on LA 1 when investigating officials said he failed to brake while passing through a red light and smashed into another vehicle killing Gill and Dunn.

Liam Dunn was a passenger in the vehicle and he suffered severe injuries, which forced him to remain in the hospital nearly a month after the crash.

Cauthron was arrested on Jan. 2 and then placed on. He was charged with two counts of negligent homicide. Cauthron's bond was set at 100,000 before he bonded out of jail six days later on Jan. 8.

The Addis Town Council accepted Cauthron's resignation on Feb. 1 at its regular meeting. A WBR grand jury indicted Cauthron on more charges on Feb. 24. The charges included: two counts of manslaughter, with the underlying felony being one count of aggravated obstruction of a highway, one count of malfeasance, one count of negligent injury, and one count reckless operation.

Thursday, Guidroz argued that one of the terms of Cauthron's initial bond was that he get a job out of the state.

"It's harder on the victims' families to have to see him every day," Guidroz said. "We were more OK with the bond when we thought he was going to work out of state."

Cauthron's attorney stated that his client tried to get work out of state as far as Minnesota but it didn't happen. After that, Cauthron was forced to work at a fast food restaurant in Plaquemine before trying to transfer to a similar establishment in Port Allen.

Lurry said Cauthron's initial bond was high. She compared the ex-officer's bond to Zanders' bond, which was set at $1 million.

"In this matter the bond for negligent homicide is high," Lurry said. "This man (Cauthron) whether he made good decisions or bad decisions, I don't think he woke up and said 'I'm going to break the law today.'"

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