Money dummy

The Brusly Town Council unanimously decided to more than double last year’s drainage budget, putting $100,000 in the general fund for culverts and drainage during the Monday, June 10 Town Council meeting. 

Two heavy rain events caused flooding for approximately 10 residents. About 15 residences flooded across the parish, according to Parish Councilman Chris “Fish” Kershaw.  

“We don’t want to knee jerk but we kind of need to knee jerk,” Mayor Scot Rhodes said. 

Councilman Don Niesler moved to approve the budget amendment increasing the proposed budget of $79,000 to $100,000. Last year, Brusly budgeted $47,000 for drainage projects. 

Councilman Rusty Daigle was hesitant in approving the amendment, saying he didn’t want to “just throw money at it and see what sticks.” 

Mayor Scot Rhodes admitted the increase is not based on any studies or proposals, but having more money in the budget would allow the town to mobilize a plan as quickly as possible.

“I understand about maybe not wanting to put some money in the budget because you don’t have a concrete number, but you know you’ve got a problem,” Kershaw said. 

Before the council allocates funds to projects, the town engineer will present a comprehensive plan after conducting surveys and elevation research. The council agreed to consider expanding the budget with another amendment later in the year following the results of the engineer’s report. 

The focus will be on Allene Street, Anita Street, Venzule Drive, and other “hot spots” identified in that report Mayor Rhodes said. 

“Now we have problems everywhere, but those are our biggest problems,” he continued. 

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