Brusly High School teacher Leslie Kleinpeter is using her social distancing time wisely, sewing masks for those in the healthcare field and on the frontlines of fighting the novel coronavirus. 

She got the idea while scrolling through Facebook on Friday when she saw a post about the mask shortage with a link to a sewing pattern. The veteran Family and Consumer Sciences, formerly known as Home Economics, teacher immediately got to work. 

Kleinpeter recruited Brusly High freshmen Kaylee Daigle and Amelia Bouvier and taught them the pattern. Now, the three of them are working on filling more than 100 orders from local healthcare workers and families of those with compromised health. 

BHS Freshmen

Brusly High freshmen Kaylee Daigle and Amelia Bouvier sport some of the masks they sewed.

“I’m just doing whatever people are asking for,” she said. 

She posted videos and photos to Facebook that have now garnered dozens of shares. The community has rallied around their efforts, donating fabric, elastic and other supplies. Kleinpeter said people have steadily dropped off supplies and cut fabric at her front door. Now, she’s looking to recruit more volunteers interested in sewing and putting the masks together. 


Right now, she averages making about two masks in 10 minutes.  

“I’ve been sewing all day today,” she said with a laugh. 

The masks are washable with an elastic band and have a slot to place a filtration device in them. They are available in adult and children’s sizes. 

If you are interested in donating supplies or your time to sew masks, contact Leslie Kleinpeter via Facebook. Cash donations will not be accepted. 

Click here to more about the mask shortage in Louisiana and its potential impacts. 

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