Two former Brusly police officers who resigned amid an investigation by State Police into an incident with a 14-year-old student at Brusly Middle School will go before a grand jury on Dec. 13.

The grand jury will hear testimony from former Brusly police officers Anthony “Kip” Dupre and Dan Cipriano along with teachers who were witnesses and Brusly Police Chief Jonathan Lefeaux, prosecutor Tony Clayton said. Leaked video footage of the Oct. 5 incident, first shown by WAFB-TV earlier this month, will also be presented to the jury.

State Police and the WBR School District are still investigating the incident.

Baton Rouge attorney Kwame Asante is gearing up for a civil lawsuit on behalf of the student claiming excessive force and police brutality as the basis of the suit but is exploring all possibilities, he said.

The student sustained bruising and swelling around his face and bottom of the chin as well as a sprain or strain to his back during the encounter with the two officers. Asante and the child’s grandmother also assert the student suffers psychological injuries as a result of the incident.

Brusly Police Chief Jonathan Lefeaux asked State Police to investigate after he reviewed footage of the incident and questioned the officers’ use of force, he said in a prior interview. Both officers were put on paid administrative leave in October and resigned in November.

The student was placed in the WBR School District alternative school as a result of the incident. The School District is working to develop a plan to ensure the student’s success, Asante said. However, litigation against the school and school district is not out of the question yet.

“The school played an integral part in not properly assessing him,” Asante said, claiming the school bears a level of responsibility for the injuries sustained by the student through negligence.

"Our concern was there was not enough support and intervention in place for him prior to this incident," Asante said. "...had [the student] been properly diagnosed and assessed, then the conditions that led up to the encounter with the police would not have happened."

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