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The Brusly Town Council will consider spending about $80,000 on new body cameras for the Brusly Police Department as part of the 2020-21 proposed budget. Five years ago, the department purchased new, top-of-the-line body cameras from L3 Mobile-Vision, Inc., a company that has now gone out of business and, as of this year, no longer offers customer support. 

“Right now, we’re doing the best we can to keep it downloading,” Brusly Police Chief Jonathan LeFeaux said. 

The proposed new cameras will back up to a cloud-based server. They are similar to the ones purchased five years ago but also feature new, advanced technology. The cameras will be triggered to automatically begin recording in about 10 different circumstances, including the sound of a gunshot, if it senses an officer lying down for a prolonged time and if a police unit reaches a certain speed. They also connect to the vehicle cameras the same way the current ones do, which offers a second point-of-view during footage review. The department looked into several options and met with departments running from 10 to 250 employees and found the proposed cameras are “the safest option out there.” 

The price tag is more than worth it, Chief LeFeaux said. 

“It’s saved us more than it’s hurt us,” he said. 

All ten full-time officers with the BPD will be outfitted with the new body cameras if approved in the proposed budget by the Town Council at the Monday, June 8 meeting.

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