Gubernatorial runoff candidates Gov. John Bel Edwards and Eddie Rispone, along with their political action committees (PACs) are burning up the airwaves with an onslaught of mudslinging commercials with just 10 days left until their Nov. 16 showdown.

In the six-man race for governor, Edwards came out on top with 47 percent of the votes cast, 625,952, while Rispone’s 368,295 votes gave him the right to the runoff with 27 percent.

Ralph Abraham finished in third with 24 percent of the votes, or 317,106.

West Baton Rouge’s voters gave Edwards a majority of their votes, 5,563, or 55 percent, while Rispone picked up 32 percent, or 3,231 votes.

Locally, there has been no obvious mudslinging but the two candidates vying for the sheriff’s seat, incumbent Mike Cazes and political newcomer Mike Zito have been running larger newspaper ads and increasing the number of yard signs as their runoff date approaches. 

In the primary election, Cazes garnered 44 percent of the votes cast while Zito’s percentage was at 25 percent. The two other candidates in the race were former judge Robin Free, who picked up 19 percent of the votes in the runoff, and Bernell Williams, who finished the race with 13 percent of the votes.

Local voters will also be voting in a statewide runoff for secretary of state between Kyle Ardoin, who spent the majority of a year in the post after a special election, and his opponent Gwen Collins-Greenup.

In the primary, Ardoin picked up 41 percent of the vote statewide while Collins-Greenup earned 34 percent. By the numbers, Ardoin has 528,231 votes to Collins-Greenup’s 434,575, a difference of 93,656.

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