Michael Goff

Michael Goff

Chiropractor Michael Goff, who practices with a health and injury center with an office in Brusly, was arrested last Monday on a multitude of drug charges.

An investigation was launched by the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office (EBRSO) after he was first found sleeping in a drugstore parking lot in 2018.

At the time, Goff was in possession of several prescription bottles, some with their labels destroyed. He told deputies then he had prescriptions for the narcotics, the opioid hydrocodone and a stimulant, Vyvanse.

The deputies found several Adderall capsules in his pocket when they searched him.

Goff told investigators when asked why he had been sleeping in the parking lot, he told them he “works late and will often take naps or sleep in his car,” according to his arrest warrant.

The investigation led to a search warrant of Goff’s vehicle where about $8,800in cash and 87 bottles of prescription medications, two plastic bags with an assortment of pills and capsules and two handguns were found.

He explained to the EBRSO investigators he carried the handguns for protection because of the time he spends traveling from one of his offices to another and he sometimes works late into the evening.

Deputies questioned Goff again about the number of pills and he told them many of the pills were several years old, then admitted to having more old medication at his home. 

He later admitted to having more prescriptions at his home and allowed it to be searched by deputies.

Inside it, two backpacks and a smaller bag containing numerous bottles and plastic bags with more pills and still another bag was found in a pickup truck in his driveway.

The federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) was contacted to help deputies go through the massive amount of prescription drugs.

In all, the pills found in Goff’s car weighed well over seven pounds and those at home had a total weight of over 21 pounds—nearly 600 pills and capsules in all. 

He has been charged with intent to distribute controlled dangerous substances and being in possession of a firearm in the presence of controlled dangerous substances. Goff was released after posting a $30,000 bond.

Several professional websites dedicated to descriptions of chiropractors report Goff has been practicing for over 30 years.

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