West Baton Rouge citizens, including local leaders and law enforcement officers, marched through Port Allen Sunday, May 31 to protest the police killing of George Floyd.  

Rev. Garrett Brown called the march a showing of solidarity with people across the nation in the fight against injustice. 

March leaders called for accountability in the deaths of West Baton Rouge residents Josef Richardson, who was killed by a West Baton Rouge Sheriff's Deputy during the execution of a no-knock warrant and Fatrell Queen, who's 2017 murder remains unsolved.


Sultan Ali Berry Jr., who led the crowd in chants throughout the march. 

Sultan Ali Berry led the group in chanting, "no justice, no peace," Black lives matter" and "say his name, George Floyd."

The Justice for Fatrell Organization organized the march, which began at the West Baton Rouge Parish Courthouse and ended at Centennial Park across from Port Allen City Hall. There, organization leaders and others spoke, encouraging the community to take action through the creation of a Community Oversight Board, an effort the Justice for Fatrell Organization has spearheaded for about a year.

"Right now we're sending out a call to all leaders for justice," Clerice Lacy, Director of the Justice for Fatrell organization said. "Come out of that office and speak to your constituents."

Attorney Kenneth M. Willis gave a heartfelt speech, shouting "eight minutes and forty-six seconds" - the amount of time former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin held his knee on George Floyd's neck.

Justice for Fatrell Organization called for the community support of their effort to create a Community Oversight Board, aimed at reducing and allowing the independent investigation of gross police misconduct.

"You say 'what is the next step,'" Kevin Lawrence of Justice for Fatrell said. "The Community Oversight Board is to protect good cops and get the bad cops out."

Leaders also encouraged voting.

"We have to vote," Berry said. "Our lives literally depend on it."


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