PA annex map

A map showing the Port Allen city limits and property owned by Nolan-McKay Developers. 

Port Allen is growing, and will likely grow 200 acres larger this summer. The City Council unanimously approved the introduction of an ordinance annexing the right-of-way to LA Hwy. 76, or Court Street, and the land between Key W. Blvd. and Sarco Lane on Wednesday, June 12.

Nolan-McKay Developers petitioned the city for annexation in March, after the Parish Council denied their second rezoning request for a Planned Unit Development (PUD) in September of 2018.

The city hired Addis town attorney Dana Larpenteur, who said the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development should issue a letter of no objection for the right-of-way any day now.

The Parish Council denied rezoning requests by Nolan-McKay due to the number of homes, traffic concerns, and small lot sizes. The developers proposed a 600-home single-family residential development to the Parish Council but cut the number of houses in a proposal made to the City Council requesting annexation in September.

After adding the land to the city limits, the City Council will have to approve the rezoning the property, which is currently zoned for agricultural use. The Council will also get a final say in all development plans.

City Councilman Gary Hubble said addressing the city’s sewer issues will be “imperative” before moving forward with any construction. Councilman Hugh Riviere echoed his concerns, saying the timing needed the be right for the proposed growth.

A public hearing will be held on the annexation ordinance during the regular meeting of the City Council on Wednesday, July 12, beginning at 5:30 p.m.

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