Clerice Lacy

Clerice Lacy

Dear Port Allen, 

I am Clerice Lacy and I am running for Council At Large this November 3rd. I am a lifelong resident of Port Allen and have remained a dedicated advocate for the Port Allen community, especially in recent years. I am announcing my candidacy for Council at Large because I am ready and qualified to lead the community in this position.

I have served people in many facets throughout the years, but my community is where I have chosen to give back the most. I have many ideas for economic growth; one such idea is to engage with stakeholders for attracting businesses and local jobs for the city. As a leader and advocate I have displayed full representation for the community. I have attended 90% of the City Council meetings where my voice has spoken for the community on agenda items that would have a great effect on the growth of our community. It is crucial to the well-being of the citizens of Port Allen that sustainable economic growth, public relations and safety be priority. My Master’s Degree in Counseling and broad knowledge of multiculturalism has allowed me to better understand the diverse needs of the people and how I can represent them in being a catalyst for change. 

If elected I will carry over my experiences and commit to being solution-focused as I represent the people with a “Community First” attitude. This includes increasing community relations, making plans for community development, setting attainable goals for community growth, objectively addressing the needs of the people, and ultimately building a healthier community that focuses on youth, minorities, senior citizens and low-income families. 

From organizing town hall functions and serving as director of organizations to collaborating each year to donate items to the local prisons, I have searched and will search for ways to bring progress to our community. Now, I am ready to address the community’s needs in a new role-- a role that will make real solutions swift and tangible to us all. The position as a council member affords resources, tools, and structure that can greatly benefit the community and I am eager and humbled to get to work in this capacity. My “Community First” plan will be met through the improvement of needs such as mental health awareness and resources, minority and low-income family housing and economic assistance, the housing blight, community “policing” and measures for effective law enforcement, and many other concerns as they are brought to me by the community.

I am dedicated to gaining knowledge and keeping an “open-mind,” especially in times of difficult decision-making. I desire accessibility for the citizens who, now more than ever, have valuable concerns and opinions to contribute to the modern political discussion. On November 3, vote for Community First.  Vote for Clerice “Clo” Lacy, Council at Large #80.



Clerice Lacy 


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