The Justice for Fatrell Organization is working for justice by building blessings within the community.

The organization announced preliminary plans to place “Blessing Boxes” in several locations around the city during the Wednesday, May 1 Port Allen City Council Committee meeting. One leader of the organization, Clerice Lacy, called upon to City Council to consider building a City-sponsored box, an item the Council will vote on next week during the regular City Council meeting. She also asked for a resolution of support from the Council.

The boxes, which resemble the Little Free Libraries in Brusly, will be filled with non-perishable and toiletry items donated by members of the community and available to those who may need it.

“This is giving everyone an opportunity to do something,” Lacy said.

The idea behind the Blessing Box is believed to have originated at the Crystal Rock Cathedral in Ardmore, Oklahoma, though communities across the United States have implemented them. Lacy showed a replica of a Blessing Box to the Community Development Committee in Pineville, Louisiana which proudly displayed “Get what you need and give what you can” above the door.

A couple of local church leaders have shown support for the program, but it is still in the early planning phase. Three people have committed to building boxes, including Brusly Police Chief Jonathan LeFeaux. A Blessing Box can cost anywhere from $150 to $500 depending on size, design, and materials, Lacy said.

The Justice for Fatrell Organization is extending an invitation to local community groups to get involved by pledging to donate a box, place one on or near their property, or regularly donate items to them.

“This is an opportunity to cater to those who may need it, to bless others and be a blessing,” Lacy said.

For more information on how to get involved, email Clerice Lacy with The Justice For Fatrell Organization at

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