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Shintech reported today that a contract employee at its Plaquemine site has tested positive for COVID-19. 

A contractor who last worked at the company’s Plaquemine site on March 13 began feeling ill on March 14. The impacted contractor – a resident of East Baton Rouge Parish – began to self-quarantine and did not return to work. 

The individual sought medical treatment on March 17 but was not tested for COVID-19. A follow-up medical evaluation on March 20 necessitated COVID-19 testing, which returned a positive result today, March 25. The impacted contractor will not return to work until cleared by medical personnel.

The company has notified the individual’s work team and other employees the individual came into contact with. Those personnel are being monitored and are not exhibiting symptoms, Shintech said in a release. Plant personnel outside of the individual’s work area are considered low-risk for exposure. Appropriate actions, including good hygiene practices, additional health monitoring and employee self-evaluations, continue to be advised.

“Shintech’s priority is always the safety and security of our employees, contractors, the community and the environment in which we operate,” said Danny Cedotal, vice president for manufacturing at Shintech. “None of us is immune during the COVID-19 crisis and we will continue to actively manage the situation to ensure we are operating in the safest and most reliable manner.” 

Employees and contractors have been kept informed of the company’s established site pandemic plan and procedures since the onset of the virus in the United States. Shintech is continuously evaluating staffing plans and health and safety actions to manage through this period. The company is taking careful steps according to guidance from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) along with well-established site plans to keep its workforce safe.

In addition to personal hygiene practices, cleaning and disinfecting, and social distancing, Shintech is also:  

  • Holding daily management discussions to continuously monitor our sites to enable swift responses as required to maintain healthy and safe workplaces
  • Our Human Resources department is providing daily (or more frequent) status updates to employees
  • All personnel and contractors will be temperature-tested prior to entering the site
  • Reducing personnel onsite to essential employees and contractors
  • Reducing face-to-face interaction at shift changes and other times
  • Our management is closely monitoring employees and responding to requests for leave or realigned work schedules to accommodate families in need

Shintech is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and its more than 500 full-time employees and nearly 600 contractors who support its operations in Plaquemine and Addis, Louisiana are committed to being good neighbors. Many of the products Shintech manufactures are used every day for medical applications (medical tubing, IV bags and blood bags), food applications (packaging and wrap) and household needs (paper production, drinking water, soaps and detergents) – all of which are critical in both the treatment of those suffering from this pandemic and in preventing its spread.

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