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A 67-year-old resident of Legacy Nursing and Rehabilitation of Port Allen died yesterday, according to the WBR Coroner's Office. 

His death is the second resident death at the facility and the eighth in the parish in two weeks.

Legacy Nursing and Rehabilitation reported that a 73-year-old resident died on March 21. His was the first COVID-19 death in the parish. Both men had underlying conditions, the Coroner's Office confirmed. 

The Louisiana Department of Health identified a cluster at the facility on March 30. A cluster is defined as two or more confirmed coronavirus cases that seem connected. 

Legacy Nursing and Rehabilitation of Port Allen reports coronavirus cluster

The Coroner's Office suspects two recent resident deaths, not included in the eight COVID-19 deaths, are COVID-19 related. Those remain unconfirmed and likely will for weeks.

Yancy Guerin, Chief Investigator for the WBR Coroner's Office, said he does not recommend testing suspected cases of COVID-19 in deceased people right now. 

Guerin recommends that coroners take samples and freeze them and test at a later date so as not to inundate testing labs. 

“I’m in favor of testing but let’s take care of the live victims who are suffering right now,” he said.

Deaths, cases and completed tests are reported by the address on a person's driver's license. Local leaders agree that this method, along with turnaround time on testing, make it difficult for LDH to accurately report where cases, deaths and completed tests are taking place.  

LDH Map 04.03

The coronavirus case map published by the Louisiana Department of Health on April 3.

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