Dow teams from Louisiana Operations in Plaquemine, Louisiana, and St. Charles Operations in Hahnville, Louisiana, received two Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) Awards from the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality.

Projects receiving honors were Louisiana Operations’ Off-gas Regeneration of Purification Beds and St. Charles’ Site Hydrogen (H2) Optimization Projects. The latter was also named an “Exceptional Merit” winner as part of the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Responsible Care Energy Efficiency Awards.

“Our people and businesses are passionate about pursuing safe, efficient operations,” said Jack Broodo, business president, Hydrocarbons and Energy. “External recognition through the ELP and ACC awards affirm that our teams are innovating to deliver environmental benefits for our communities while strengthening our competitive position.”

“Chemistry is the science behind sustainability,” said Cal Dooley, ACC president and CEO. “Our member companies are committed to creating innovative products and technologies that help society save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while improving performance in their own operations.”

The H2 Optimization Project team at St. Charles Operations used process and chemistry expertise along with innovation to coordinate process control systems across three production units and decrease CO2 emissions by 115,000 metric tons annually. Louisiana Operations applied the same collaboration across three production units and R&D to reduce emissions by 29,000 tons of CO2 annually.

Reducing Dow Louisiana’s carbon footprint by 145,000 tons of CO2 is the equivalent of approximately 28,000 passenger vehicles driven for a year.

The resulting advanced control system has harvested more hydrogen from Dow’s Butanol and Olefins 2 production units, enabling the use of more clean-burning H2 in the gas turbines that help power manufacturing processes at the site. Using H2 rather than purchased natural gas results in a significant reduction in the carbon footprint and cost savings.

“Through tremendous teamwork and coordination, we were able to deliver double wins for both the St. Charles Operations and Louisiana Operations sites – reducing industrial gas purchases and lowering our carbon emissions,” said Heidi Holmes, senior global technology manager for Energy Systems. “The teams worked across business lines to do the best things for Dow and, best of all, our community.”

Dow has won an ACC Energy Efficiency award for each of the last 7 years. 


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