The theater boasts a large outdoor area known as “The Broad Side.” 


Every major city should have an independent movie theater, at least that’s what Chase Harris, one of the managers of The Broad Theater in New Orleans has to say. The theater opened in 2016 as a hybrid: they show major blockbusters, independent films, and foreign flicks on their 4 indoor screens. Harris summarized by saying there is “something for everyone.”

The Broad Theater is located between Bayou St. John and Treme neighborhoods at 636 N Broad St, New Orleans, LA 70119.

Harris loves his job at The Broad Theater where he has worked since 2017, “it’s probably the best job I’ve had.” Several of the managers were there on Sunday hanging out and a few of the employees watched the movie I went to see: a French film called “Titane.” It’s clear the staff genuinely enjoy the atmosphere and films.

“I think it’s super valuable for New Orleans.” Harris said, “We are a small, old school, independent theater.” 

The Broad is charming and comfortable, plus you can see films from outside the Hollywood realm. The lobby is simple and unassuming; while the seats are comfy and functional, the intimate theaters have no thrills. They focus on what is important: the movies.

An arcade is at the top of the ramp in the lobby with several pinball and arcade machines. In the concession area, The Broad offers homemade treats like cookies and rice crispy treats alongside traditional popcorn and candy offerings. The lobby also has a full bar. 

Like other establishments in New Orleans, they are checking vaccination cards or a negative COVID test upon entry. 

During the height of COVID, the theater added The Broad Side, a large outdoor viewing area with “drive in” style viewings. The fenced in zone has picnic tables and casual seating available. Here, they have had cult classic showings and more. 

Later this month, Harris said, there will be a Halloween event with a special movie screening. The Broad Side has about two movie showings a month but also hosts other events. On Sunday, the outdoor area was a setting held live music from 5-7 P.M. 

Consider visiting The Broad Theater to see a unique film on the big screen for your next night out.

For more information on upcoming events visit:

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