Don Neisler

Don Neisler

Don Neisler has served on the Brusly Town Council for nine years. Neisler is a native of Brandon, Mississippi but has called Brusly home for 48 years. 

“My wife, Mary and I, decided to make this our home because of the small-town atmosphere and close-knit friendly community,” Neisler said.

He has always felt a calling to serve his country and hometown and followed that call by serving in the U.S. Navy Submarine Service from 1968 to 1972. Prior to retiring, Niesler served as Executive Director of the Capital Region Planning Commission for 22 years and spent 36 years with the agency. 

“One of my proudest accomplishments is working with the local officials in southeast Louisiana to improve the quality of life for the citizens through land use planning and capital improvement projects for the capital region,” he said. 

The role inspired him to continue service to his community in a more local capacity as a town council member. 

Before serving on the council, Neisler served on the Brusly Centennial Committee and promoted the “Flags for Brusly” project to honor veterans across the parish by flying American flags along LA-1 during designated holidays. 

He considers ongoing sewer and drainage improvements, the completion of the master plan for the new park at the intersection of River Road and East Main Street and balancing a budget each year as the administration and town council’s strongest accomplishments.

Neisler hopes to continue implementing solutions to identify drainage hot spots, assisting with the adoption and implementation of a balanced budget, maintaining a high standard for public works and providing first-class recreational facilities for local families. 

One of Neisler’s long-term goals for the town is to bring a home improvement store to the West Side. 

Neisler is married to Mary, his wife of 50 years with whom he has two children, Sheri and Michael, and four grandchildren. He enjoys woodworking, beekeeping and gardening.

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