Carey Williams

Carey Williams

Port Allen City Council Edition

Carey Williams is a native of Port Allen who strives to make a positive change daily in the community he loves to call home. After graduating from Southeastern University in Hammond, Williams moved back home and decided it was time to invest in his community as an educator and advocate for his neighbors.  

He has worked as an educator for nine years and currently teaches English. Residents elected Williams to serve as the City Council At-Large member in 2016. He’s looking to serve another term to continue his work with the City Council and administration to make Port Allen a better place to live for every resident. 

“I am motivated to run for office to ensure that ordinances and critical decisions are made with every resident in mind,” he said. 

Williams plans to continue working alongside the city inspector to hold residents accountable for blighted properties. He recognizes the problems associated with the city’s aging sewer treatment plant and hopes to continue working with the City Council and administration to develop a long-term solution and plan.  

“I am fully committed to the people of Port Allen,” he said. “I have not and will not ever make an important decision based on race, gender, nor geography. Our city is for everyone. Every street, every neighborhood.”

Williams believes in the power of shopping local and prefers to do his shopping in his hometown to the benefit of the community. He is currently enjoying reading The Great Gatsby and using the community facilities available in Port Allen. 

Editor’s Note: All candidates were invited to participate in the West Side Journal’s Get to Know the Candidates program. Only those who chose to participate are featured. 

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