Clerice Lacy

Clerice Lacy

Clerice Lacy is a lifelong resident of Port Allen who plans to take a community first approach if elected as the City Council At-Large member. Lacy’s work as a community advocate has prepared and motivated her to run for local office. 

“Working in the community as an advocate and being the Director of the Justice for Fatrell Organization afforded me the opportunity to clearly understand that the City of Port Allen was in need of elected officials that are concerned about the stagnation and the betterment of [the] city,” she said. 

If elected, she plans to focus on bettering community development and relations by enlisting the help of local businesses and finding resources available at the state and federal level. 

“As a long-term community leader, I have shown my ability to persevere through adversaties that lead to victory for all,” she said.

Ensuring community events are well attended and acknowledging the achievements of local youth are something the current administration has done well and she hopes to continue, she said. 

“I would like to change the culture of the Council chambers to ensure that it’s a place that [is] conducive to change that leads to the production of solutions and resolutions for the citizens and not be a place of discomfort or disdain,” she said.

Lacy has worked as a healthcare administrator in behavioral and mental health for 12 years. She is enjoying spending time educating high school students on the election process and building her two businesses. Lacy is married to Darrell Carter and has three children - Angel, Kerry’elle and L’Bella.

Editor’s Note: All candidates were invited to participate in the West Side Journal’s Get to Know the Candidates program. Only those who chose to participate are featured

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