Diane Hebert

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2020, the median number of years that workers have been employed with their current company is 4.1 years. 

However, one local woman has served the West Baton Rouge Parish School Board for over 60 years. 

Mrs. Diane Hebert grew up in West Baton Rouge. In fact, she was crowned homecoming queen in 1955 in her senior year at Port Allen High School. After graduation, she began her employment with the WBR School Board as a secretary. 

Hebert retired after a long career with West Baton Rouge in November.

Current WBR Superintendent, Wes Watts made sure he submitted comment on the recent retiree. Watts, he said, “She knows every nook and cranny even to this day, she remembers everything about everybody,” describing her as a hard worker who knew her job inside out. Watts emphasized the unique nature of Hebert remaining “63 years in one place.”

Former WBR Superintendent David Corona called Hebert, “A walking history book about the West Baton Rouge Parish school system.” Corona worked closely with Hebert during his 10 years as West Baton Rouge’s Superintendent from 2004 to 2014. Corona asked, “Can you imagine anybody working for one organization for 63 years? It’s special.”

Not only did Hebert remain committed to her post, but she also excelled. Corona stated, “She’s devoted, she’s done a great job, she knows how to work with people, she’s kept track of the board.” Corona added that Hebert’s kindness and dedication was not only in her professional duties but in her family as well. Corona named her as a “great daughter to her parents” and good wife to her late husband, Jack Hebert. 

Diane Hebert’s responsibilities changed as she adapted to new superintendents over the years. However, she served as both Superintendent Secretary and Parish Board Secretary. The admiration for her service was clear during discussions with Corona and Watts. 

Hebert’s retirement party is planned for Dec. 7, said Wes Watts. 

 David Corona said of Ms. Diane Hebert, “She spent her entire life working for that school system, working to make West Baton Rouge a better place—it’s just phenomenal.”

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