After interfering with a traffic stop by the Brusly Police Department Monday afternoon, a ranking Iberville Parish Sheriff’s deputy has lost his rank and post because of the incident.

Daniel Falcon, 46, of Plaquemine, was demoted from sergeant to deputy and he was also suspended without pay for two weeks for “conduct unbecoming a law enforcement officer who works for the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office,” according to Sheriff Brett Stassi.

“We are the law but we are not above the law,” he said. “I was disappointed with my detective…He knows better.”

Falcon was later determined to be a 25-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office, where he had served as a narcotics officer.

Brusly’s Officer Jordan Zachary had observed a driver weaving on La. 1 as he passed through town and pulled him over on suspicion of DWI.

As Zachary was conducting field sobriety tests on the driver, Falcon pulled up in an unmarked Iberville Parish Sheriff’s unit, a white pickup truck, then “refused to back off the traffic stop to a safe distance,” according to the police report filed after the incident.

Zachary’s report continues, Falcon had no license plate and “the driver was acting aggressively and oddly.”

He also reported the Iberville Parish deputy flashed a badge and held his cellphone out of his window as if to indicate to Zachary he was recording the impending arrest of the driver suspected of driving under the influence.

“I instructed (Falcon) to stop resisting and to identify himself to which he began yelling at me as well,” the report continues. “I noticed a handgun in between the driver’s legs and instructed him not to move.”

Falcon then began “yelling” obscenities at Zachary, who told him “if he did not comply, he would be tased,” according to the report.

“At this moment, I felt in fear for my safety and the safety of everyone at the scene,” Zachary said. “I grabbed the left wrist of the driver and he responded by slamming his pistol on the center console.”

While Falcon claimed to be “backing us up,” as Zachary’s report said, he “never offered assistance and never displayed any emergency lights. 

Further investigation into Falcon’s conduct will be handled by the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office.

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