Mike Cazes

Sheriff Mike Cazes

Sheriff Mike Cazes will aggressively seek a new term in office in the October 12, 2019 primary election.  Currently in his 4th term, Sheriff Cazes has implemented new programs that are improving public safety and providing great resources to our people. “I’m proud of how our deputies are embracing new technology and training procedures to combat crime while also finding new ways to reach out to at-risk citizens.  It’s a total team effort and I look forward to standing with them for another term,” Sheriff Cazes said.

Chief among these new programs has been the Sheriff’s Office efforts to increase security in West Baton Rouge schools.  “Protecting youth has always been my top priority,” Cazes said.  By dedicating uniformed and plain clothes deputies to make continuous safety patrols throughout all schools in the parish, and collaborating with School Resource Officers, Sheriff Cazes has created an extra layer of protection.  “All full-time deputies have received numerous hours of specialized training in the emergency response of an active shooter or critical incident.  In case the horrific occurs, we are doing everything we can to help save lives,” Cazes concluded.

With nearly 45 years of his life being dedicated to law enforcement, Sheriff Cazes has used his experience, commitment to professionalism, and vast network of career crime fighters to enhance the Sheriff’s Office operation in the following areas:

  • Established a Training Division to make training and instruction an intense and ongoing process among his deputies
  • Created IT Division to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and user experience
  • Restructured the Narcotics and Criminal and Interdiction Divisions to keep drug dealers off our streets by conducting numerous undercover operations resulting in hundreds of arrests
  • Added personnel to the Traffic Division to meet this constant need
  • Embarked on a wide-ranging Community Outreach Program to benefit residents of all ages - from Safety Town Program in elementary schools to a Hunter Safety Course and meals at the Council on Aging


In addition, Sheriff Cazes is proud of his office’s work in tackling the recidivism rate by trying to turn former inmates into proud, productive citizens once they’ve been released.  “If they did the crime and the time, they deserve the same second chance we’d all want and need,” Cazes continued, “In fact, if we properly invest on the front end, we get that money back by having them be contributors and part of our community.”  To achieve this turnaround, Sheriff Cazes secured federal grant funds to start a Re-Entry Program that provides work and life skills and he’s grown the Work Release Center to give non-violent short-term prisoners the ability to obtain daily jobs.  “I’m proud of the Center.  It’s the largest in the state and has been copied by other parishes.” Cazes stated. In addition to the parish re-entry program, Sheriff Cazes was appointed to the Re-Entry Advisory Council Board by Governor Edwards in 2017.

In addition to his duties leading the WBR Sheriff’s Office, Mike Cazes continues to be active in several professional and community organizations, they include: Chairman of the LSA Risk Management Board; Executive Member of the LA Commission on Law Enforcement; Knights of Columbus Council of 10744; Westside Moose Lodge; National Sheriff’s Association; American Correctional Association; WBR Farm Bureau; Louisiana Law Enforcement Justice Hall of Fame; Holy Family Catholic Church; and St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.

“I would be honored to have another term as your Sheriff.  We are building a top-class department, and we are following a plan to reduce crime, build stronger communities, set our children on the right path, and lift lives,” Cazes concluded. 

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