Fitness center

Fitness center

The City of Port Allen added a new fitness area to Centennial Park, the levee entrance that begins at the end of Court Street. Mayor Richard Lee III reported the project is mostly complete at this time and is now open for public use. Installation of equipment was completed on October 11, 2021. However, the city plans to add a concrete walkway from the new fitness area to the sidewalk before the ramp and later will break ground on a restroom facility to the north of the fitness area.

The new equipment offers a decline sit-up bench, knee-lift dip station, step up platforms of varying heights, pull-up station, Swedish ladder, medicine ball slam station, chest press, lat pull down, balance board, shoulder rotator, single leg press, cardio walker and recumbent cycle. Most of the fitness area is shaded above and utilizes a poured rubber surface for cushiony yet accessible footing. This recent addition is to similar to the fitness equipment at BREC’s Milford Wampold Memorial Park off of Stanford Drive at LSU Lakes in Baton Rouge. 

The project began October 28, 2020, when Council approved the $75,000 budget after completion of the Walking trail on Whitehead Blvd, Port Allen. Mayor Lee stated, “After noticing the number of people using the levee to exercise, run or walk we met with Julie Smith, a sales representative with Game Time.”

Game Time is an Alabama based company specializing in playground and recreational equipment for various ages. Julie Smith, Territory Manager for Louisiana of Game Time said equipment is manufactured in their facility in Fort Payne, Alabama and they are American made. The fitness equipment is designed to be used by ages 13 and up.

“This project came about just after we finished the Gazebo in Centennial Park and the Whitehead Blvd. Walking Trail,” said Lee. Together, the recently added walking trail and levee now provide an approximate 1.5 mile paved loop through Port Allen’s Oaks neighborhood when using Avenue A as a connection to Centennial park at the North end and Oaks Avenue at the South side of the route. Lee said of the intention, “The idea was to connect Rivault Park with Centennial Park making the area more walkable for healthier living for everyone including those with disabilities.”

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