Town of Brusly

Brusly’s Mayor Scot Rhodes says there are “a few things going on” in his town this year, including a new park near the bike share location on the Mississippi River levee and a massive amount of improvements to the small town’s drainage system.

“I think the biggest project we have planned for this year is turning a piece of property we have into a park,” Rhodes said, at the intersection of River Road and Main Street. Above it on the levee is where the town’s bike share bicycles are stored.

The park will cover about an acre and a half and will provide a few parking spots for people renting bikes, some playground equipment and possibly an evergreen tree the town could use for a Christmas tree lighting ceremony each year.

“In the future, we might host other events for the public there,” Rhodes said.

He said the Town Council approved the park last year and budgeted about $200,000 for the project, based on a guestimate of what it will cost.

“The landscape architectures have it now and they’re going to come back to the council in about a month with a plan and an estimated cost,” Rhodes said.

“The council has pretty much said ‘we’re ready to go,’” he said. “We want to get the ball rolling so you should see some activity in a couple of months.”

Next in priority for the Town of Brusly is the continuation of a drainage improvement project. Rhodes said the council budgeted an additional $70,000 for an expansion of that work so that about $150.000 can be spent on it this year.

“We’ve started that process,” he said. “We’re gradually cleaning our ditches and putting new culverts where they’re needed.”

“Our engineer is working on an overall plan so we’ll know where we need work done,” Rhodes continued.

There are no new businesses on the drawing board for Brusly this year, but the mayor said “we’re always looking” for new business and industries to locate in the town.

The town is expected to see some new homes in 2020, including six off Gleason Street, not far from Town Hall.

Rhodes said the developers of River Mill are expected to build about 20 of what he called “zero lot line homes.” The terms means the homes will be closer together than normal, with only the minimum distance between the houses for fire protection.

“That’s the final phase of the Brusly Oaks project,” he continued, which began with the shopping center where the Las Palmas restaurant is and includes the townhomes immediately behind the shopping center. The new homes will be behind them, Rhodes said.

The town will also continue its road overlay program. “We do some road overlays every year so we can stay on top of it,” he said. This year, Rhodes said the town has budgeted $100,000 for road overlay work.

The mayor also mentioned 2020 is an election year for the town’s officials—mayor, police chief and council members—and announced his candidacy. “I’m running for reelection,” Rhodes said. “I like it. It’s fun.”

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