There are just two months left before the Louisiana legislature takes up redistricting, a process that will shape our state’s politics for the next decade. In preparation, Louisiana Progress and the Center for Urban Research at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY) are launching a new redistricting website--Louisiana--Redistricting & You ( makes it easy to compare current political maps with proposed maps.

“Louisiana Redistricting and You adds real clarity to the redistricting process by making it easy for anyone to view and analyze proposed maps in detail,” said Peter Robins-Brown, Policy & Advocacy Director for Louisiana Progress. “You can basically become a redistricting expert within a few minutes.” 

“The unique slider tool on the Redistricting & You website is the simplest way for people to engage with these maps to see how redistricting will impact their communities,” according to Steven Romalewski, Director of Mapping Services at the CUNY Graduate Center. “The website will also help make the redistricting process more transparent: we’ll be adding maps proposed by citizens and legislators so everyone can see exactly how the current districts would change.”

We’re launching Redistricting & You with the NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund’s publicly available seven proposed Louisiana congressional maps. In the coming weeks, we ask the public to submit maps to us for Congress, the state legislature, and other statewide political bodies by emailing During the redistricting special session, we will upload proposals that are moving through the legislature in as close to real-time as possible.

Building on this launch, Louisiana Progress has revamped the Redistricting page on our website. It now includes an embedded version of ‘Redistricting & You’ and our complete Redistricting Guide, which is also broken out into its constituent parts. 

Part 1 covers Redistricting 101, Part 2 is a Redistricting Glossary, Part 3 goes in-depth on Louisiana Redistricting, and Part 4 is a guide to Redistricting Advocacy. You can also delve into our local redistricting analysis for Jefferson Parish and East Baton Rouge Parish.

Louisiana Progress is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to informing, engaging, and mobilizing grassroots organizations, advocates, and activists to enact progressive public policy in Louisiana.

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