Adoption and community events are now running in style; the West Baton Rouge Animal Shelter just revealed its new wrapped van which was completed May 12. Funds used for wrapping the 2020 Dodge ProMaster high top van were part of the regular annual budget approved by WBR Parish Council.

The vehicle was previously in operation without the exterior design. The van is estimated to hold 10-15 large animals and more if they are small. It was acquired to eliminate the need for multiple trips transporting animals to annual adoption events like ones hosted at Kite Fest and Sugar Fest. 

The new wrap promotes the cause. George Bragg, Animal Control Superintendent, stated, “Any attention that it gets for us means more chances for an animal to get out of here successfully and be adopted, which is a great thing. 

The company Wrapture in Baton Rouge designed the wrap, incorporating photos the shelter provided. Bragg said, “We gave them some basic artwork we had come up with, but they took it to a whole new level.”

Bragg commented on the finished product, “We didn’t want just stock pictures. These are actual animals that we’ve adopted out of the shelter. It’s pretty cool.”

Many of the aforementioned photos were taken by Jackie Fellows, Animal Control Supervisor. Her pet, Casper, is featured on one of the van’s rear doors. Fellows told the West Side Journal that the shelter supports West Baton Rouge, and encourages residents of the Parish to get involved. 

“We also need the support from the community to be successful,” said Fellows, “we really urge the public to consider adoption, fostering, or volunteering.”

In 2022, Fellows reported over 1,000 animals were taken in by animal control and stated, “I think we are going to surpass that number this year.” To participate in fostering, crates and supplies are available in limited supply for willing parties. Volunteering can begin as easily as making a phone call inquiry or stopping by. 

Interested volunteers can contact Animal Control at 225-336-2428 or email to ask questions. Residents are encouraged to visit the shelter during business hours, Monday- Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. or Friday 7:30 a.m.  to 10:30 a.m. to meet adoptable animals. West Baton Rouge Animal Shelter is located at 3183 Ted Denstel Road in Port Allen. 

“If anyone’s looking for a pet, they should come here first or just adopt in general,” said Fellows.

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