Town of Addis council voted unanimously to accept David Cauthron’s previously submitted resignation effective Jan. 9.

This was recommended by Addis Police Chief, Richard Anderson.

Cauthron, the Addis police officer whose actions resulted in the death of two teens and left another in critical condition, had been on unpaid leave since last council meeting in January.

Cauthron submitted his letter of resignation after he bonded out of jail. He was placed on leave following the accident and his arrest.

The officer was speeding during a pursuit of Tyquel Zanders, who had allegedly broken into his parents' home and stolen their car.

Cauthron was on LA 1 when investigating officials say he failed to brake when passing through a red light and smashed into another vehicle, killing Caroline Gill and Maggie Dunn.

Dunn’s brother Liam, 20, was the backseat passenger in the vehicle that was hit and was recently released from the hospital.

Cauthron was arrested on Jan. 2 and charged with negligent homicide and bonded out on a $100,000 bond on Jan. 8.

Planning and Zoning Commission vacancy filled

Council member Ray Lejeune nominated Tim Poirrier for the position, a motion seconded by council member Kevin Leblanc. Poirrier was in attendance and accepted; he will be replacing Velma Stewart who resigned from the position.

 Meeting schedule change

Meeting dates for the Town of Addis council will also change moving forward. The council will no longer meet on the first Wednesday of each month. Beginning in March, the council will meet on the second Tuesday of each month.

The planning and zoning commission meeting schedule will change after their regularly scheduled Feb. 7 meeting.

Thereafter, planning and zoning meetings will reconvene April 4 and continue to meet on the first Tuesday of each month. Because of shifts in schedule, there will be no meeting for planning and zoning in March.

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