Despite a court order to clean up his property, the owner of a house on Avenue G had a contentious confrontation Thursday with City of Port Allen officials which eventually led to his arrest for threatening a public official.

When city employees and officials arrived at the property last Thursday, homeowner Landon Esneault became belligerent and argued loudly and repeatedly that his rights were being violated.

At some point Thursday afternoon, Chief Administrative Officer Adrian Genre approached the house and was told by Esneault that he was trespassing and then threatened to shoot Genre if he did not leave the property. It was at that point he was arrested.

Esneault had first been cited in July by the city for violations of the city’s Code of Ordinances because his property “looked like a junkyard,” as one city official said.

“The citation was issued due to the offending amount of junk/moveable property stored by Landon Esneault on an about the property” where is house is located on Avenue G, according to the court order issued by City Court Judge William T. Kleinpeter.

Esneault pleaded not guilty to the charges in the citation and a trial was set for Sept. 18. After the testimony and evidence presented by Esneault and the state, the court found Esneault guilty of the charges.

He was ordered to clean the property within five days.

“The Court further ordered that, in the event the property was not cleaned within five days, the City could enter the premises, clean the property, and lien the property for said costs,” according to the court order.

After 15 days, the property had still not been cleaned and the court order entitled the “enter the premises and clean the property.”

The city exercised that entitlement last Thursday, much to the displeasure of Esneault and leading to his arrest after he threatened Genre.

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