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Louis W. Moore Jr., 44, was booked into WBR Detention Center late Saturday, April 28 on second-degree murder charges after detectives found the body of his mother, 76-year-old Joann W. Moore in a shallow grave behind their shared trailer on Lafiton Lane. 

The 76-year-old Port Allen woman allegedly murdered by her son last weekend died after a long towel was shoved down her throat, according to the preliminary autopsy results.

Moore allegedly died at the hands of her 44-year-old son, Louis W. Moore, Jr. before she was found in a shallow grave behind their shared trailer off of Lafiton Lane late Saturday, April 27. Earlier this week, the West Baton Rouge Parish Coroner announced the Joann Moore died of asphyxia.

“We’re alleging that he physically beat the living life out of his mother,” Assistant District Attorney Tony Clayton said.

Detectives with the West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office arrested Louis Moore shortly after his mother’s body was found and charged him with second-degree murder. Days after his arrest, he gave “certain details” about the events and days leading up to her death.

Authorities say they can release limited details of the case at this time. Detectives and the DA’s office have released no information regarding Joann Moore’s approximate time of death or motive for the brutal killing.

Judge Tonya Lurry set Louis Moore’s bond at $2 million yesterday.

Clayton plans to present the grand jury with a second-degree murder case. The evidence of the case does not adequately substantiate a first-degree murder charge, Clayton said. The cost to taxpayers and uncertainty of the death penalty in Louisiana makes him dying in Angola, “the safe route,” he continued.

“The facts that we’re dealing with, if ultimately proven at trial, he would be one of the most dangerous people you can encounter,” Clayton said.


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If he's sent to Angola . I hope he has his life with God in order..it had best be in solitary confinement

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