Red beans

LAFAYETTE -For over 100 years, Red Beans & Rice has been a dish held dear in the hearts of Louisianans. The delicious duo of iconic Louisiana brands, Cajun Country Rice and Camellia Brand, has come together again with their Red Beans & Rice Mondays campaign to keep the 19th Century Louisiana tradition of Red Beans & Rice alive and well, especially on Mondays, the traditional wash day. 

As one of the oldest running rice mills in the United States, Falcon Rice Mill is rooted in the Rice Capital of America (Crowley, Louisiana), and is most known for their Cajun Country medium, long, whole grain brown, popcorn and jasmine rice. Third-generation owners Robbie Trahan and Christine Fulton, along with their spouses Jennifer Trahan and Dwayne Fulton, respectively, are especially proud to say that their product is 100% Louisiana grown, milled and packaged since 1942. 

“I have to respect that my grandfather took a chance and started a business from the ground up over 75 years ago. I learned in public accounting that many businesses do not make it past the second or third generation,” says Robbie Trahan. “I wake up every day determined to keep this business thriving and hopefully be available for the fourth generation to carry the torch. I see businesses like Tabasco (now in its fifth generation) and Camellia Beans (fourth generation), and it would be great for our business to stay in the family that long.” Falcon Rice Mill has supported local farmers by purchasing directly from the source and continues to honor the family’s longstanding commitment to product excellence and superior customer service as they approach their 81st year in business.  

Take a trip 140 miles east of Crowley as the crow flies, and you will find New Orleanians are bean lovers. In fact, when Sawyer Hayward came to New Orleans from the West Indies in 1850, he quickly began to supply produce and dry goods to vendors in the French Market. The large population of other immigrants from the Caribbean created demand for beans, and a business was born. Fast forward nearly 90 years later to 1940 when supermarkets were becoming popular, William Gordon Hayward came up with the revolutionary idea to package beans in individual bags for consumers, and the rest is history. 

“We remain a local, family company, with many employees who have been with us for upwards of 30 years,” says Vince Hayward, CEO of L.H. Hayward & Company, owner of Camellia Brand. “We continue to hunt relentlessly for the best beans and are still hands-on, right there in the warehouse during the processing and packaging. After many years in business, we’re most proud of our commitment to making every bag our best.”

Together, these family-owned and operated businesses are on a mission to bring Red Beans & Rice to tables across Louisiana. Through October 28, every purchase of Camellia Red Beans and Cajun Country Rice will benefit Second Harvest and the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. Shoppers are invited to visit a Rouses Market, Albertsons or Winn-Dixie in Acadiana, New Orleans or Baton Rouge to help meet the goal of providing 100,000 meals to families in need. To learn more about Red Beans & Rice Mondays, please visit

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