River Mill plan approved

Photo courtesy of the Town of Brusly

Breanna Smith


The Brusly Town Council unanimously approved construction plans for the 26 homes included in the third filing for the River Mill Reserve subdivision on Monday, Jan. 8.

The plans were approved under the same conditions as the preliminary plat, with the addition of a 15 foot landscaped buffer and a restriction on permanent structures in the swale. The landscaped area will act as a runoff buffer.

This latest filing included greater cooperation between the Gates at the Oaks homeowners association, engineers and Town Council, Brusly Mayor Scot Rhodes said in a previous interview.

Residents of The Gates at the Oaks, the adjacent neighborhood to River Mill Reserve, raised concerns about storm water drainage and the inclusion of the word “proposed” in plans for the landscape buffer at Tuesday’s meeting.

“We gave some, we asked for some and got it,” Gates at the Oaks resident John Pritchett said. “But I want to make sure we will receive what we were promised,” he said of the landscape buffer zone.

Most construction plan drawings include the word “proposed” unless a structure already exists on the property, Brusly Town Clerk Blaine Rabalais said.

Jim Tatum of Tatum Engineering, representing the developer Ace Holdings, said he had made the commitment to build the landscape buffer in front of the council and planning and zoning committee.

“We have every intention of it being completed,” Tatum said.

River Mill Reserve construction plans came under fire in 2017 when residents of The Gates at the Oaks opposed the 26 new homes slated for the third filing.

Original plans for the third filing of the subdivision were not followed by a prescribed checklist in the town’s code of ordinances, according to residents. Ace Holdings was required to perform a do-over when the 180-day timeframe for the development expired.

“We’ve adequately addressed the concerns of the neighbors as best we can,” Tatum said at Monday’s meeting.

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