Caneview K-8 School

The Caneview K- 8 Schook, shown here, is one of the two major school construction projects funded by the property tax mills approved by the School Board last week. The board is also in the construction phase of a new Brusly High School. 

The West Baton Rouge Parish School Board unanimously approved at its meeting last Wednesday the property tax millage rates for the current tax year.

“This is a regular requirement that we have to do every year,” Supervisor of Business Services Jared Gibbs told board members.

The School Board voted 7-0-3 to approve the five proposed millage rates, with three board members absent, Leon Goudeau, Mike Maranto and Toby Sarradet 

The list includes a 14.75-mill tax assessment the board uses to pay off the $85 million in bond issues for the ongoing school construction projects.

There are two new school buildings under construction now—Caneview K-8 School, which will combine the students from Chamberlin and Devall Middle, and a new Brusly High.

In last year’s budget, the School Board had “right at” $7 million for its debt service and Gibbs said it would be close to that again this year.

“It’s going to be nearly $7 million again but a little less than last year,” he said. “It will still be enough to pay the principle and interest on the debt service we have for this year

At next month’s meeting, Gibbs said he would be presenting a draft of the School Board’s 2020 budget to its finance committee, which will need to be approved at its September meeting to comply with state Department of Education and the La. Board of Elementary and Secondary Education’s mandates.

The millage rates approved by the School Board were 4.390 for a general support, constitutional millage, 15.00 mills for general support, a special millage, two special millage rates of 12.00 for salaries and benefits and the debt service millage of 14.75. 

“We’re going to get more money in this year on some millage rates than we did last year, but we don’t know how much yet,” Gibbs said, adding expects the School Board’s portion of the property taxes collected this year to be between $26 million and $27 million.

“That would be $500,000 or more in additional revenue,” he said.


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