Jessica Clouatre

Jessica Clouatre, 39, who has been identified as Josef Richardson's girlfriend, was arrested on drug charges after his death in a motel on U.S. 190 in Port Allen.

Detectives with the West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office received the warrant to search Josef Richardson’s room based on information received from “a reliable confidential informant.”

The detectives, as members of the River West Narcotics Task Force provided law enforcement with “a ‘no-knock’ entry or entry without announcement” authorization to search “all persons found at or inside the location…and inside any vehicles,” the application for the warrant states.

Richardson, 38, was allegedly shot in the back of the upper portion of his neck during the raid. A woman who was also in the room at the time, Jessica Ellen Cloautre, was described at the press conference as Richardson’s girlfriend.

Clouatre was later arrested and charged with one count each of distribution of marijuana, possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, distribution of cocaine and intent to distribute cocaine.

In its request for the warrant, law enforcement stated the confidential informant told them within the 72 hours prior to the warrant’s issuance, he “had purchased a quantity of methamphetamine from a black male” at the address provided for Richardson and Clouatre.

“Confidential informant is known to be accurate and reliable due to the fact that the confidential informant has, in the past, given information to the River West Narcotics Task Force that was proven true and accurate,” the warrant application continues.

Because “narcotics are easily and commonly hidden on someone’s person,” investigators asked, and received, the no-knock warrant, signed by Judge Tonya Lurry of the 18th Judicial District.

The search warrant, as approved by Lurry, allowed law enforcement officers to search the motel room where Richardson and Clouatre lived for “any and all controlled dangerous substances, paraphernalia and proceeds derived from the sale and distribution of illegal narcotics.”

Richardson’s death is under investigation by the Louisiana State Police at the request of Sheriff Mike Cazes. Clouatre was held on a $41,000 bond on her felony charges, but she has since posted bond and been released.

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