Shannon Osborne Jr.

Addis police responded to a 911 call from a concerned bystander who had witnessed a shooting at approximately 11:36 A.M. Thursday.
The incident occurred at the corner of Bradley Court and Karen Drive in Addis. The intended victim was not hit, but did fall to the ground when shots were fired. A bullet hole was found in a house at the intersection. Five bullet casings were found in that area. The suspect in custody is 19-year-old, Shannon Osborne Jr. 
Chief Ricky Anderson of Addis reported that when officers arrived on scene, a person fitting the description of the shooter, provided by the caller, was seen. Questioning began, but Osborne took off running on foot and police used a taser to stop him from fleeing.
Upon searching the suspect, police recovered a weapon, marijuana and counterfeit money. The weapon found on the victim was examined and five bullets were missing from its magazine. 
Chief Anderson said it seemed to be a drug deal gone bad. The victim reportedly told police that drugs found were fake, but that has not been confirmed. The victim also paid for the weed with counterfeit 20 dollar bills, which has been confirmed. The firearm that was discovered on the suspect was found to be stolen from Plaquemine. 
Osborne faces charges of attempted 2nd degree murder, illegal carrying of a firearm, possession of stolen firearm, and damage to property. Osborne has been booked into WBRSO jail. No bond has been set.

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