Glen Daigle moon

Photo by Glen Daigle

Photos by Hannah Swarner, Terri Witt and Glen Daigle.

A rare lunar eclipse known as a super blood wolf moon graced the sky Sunday night. The eerie effect is created when sunlight passing through Earth's atmosphere lights the moon, turning it red. The celestial body was also closer to the earth than usual, making it "super."

The eclipse could be seen in clear skies throughout North and South America, parts of Europe and western Africa.


Photo by Hannah Swarner


Photo by Hannah Swarner

Terri moon 1.jpg

Photo by Terri Witt

Terri moon3.jpg

Photo by Terri Witt

Terri moon 2.jpg

Photo by Terri Witt

Terri Moon4.jpg

Photo by Terri Witt

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